112  06/08/2022 02h41

Welcome, people of shehe.

How good is your English writing and conversation skills? Have you ever been abroad? Do you have any plans to go to an English-speaking country in the near future?

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06/08/2022 00h14
I prefer speak spanish ... But I can speak in English too.
06/08/2022 00h01
Nsbznsh? Smxndnndb?!?!

06/08/2022 02h07
I do speak English. I'm not fluent, my speaking skills are not so good but I'm able to have a conversation with native speakers, with some little mistakes but I can do it.
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06/08/2022 00h07
Hi,you wrote it wrong,its not "shere",the correct is "here"
My english is pretty good,I believe.
But mostly in writing and reading,sepaking and hearing is a bit bad,I did not had much practise on that.
I wish to travel to Los Angeles one day
06/08/2022 00h00
Hey man,
Yeah, I can get by, I've already been to Ontario and hopefully I will get abroad again soon. Wbu?
06/08/2022 00h04
It's a bit rusty nowadays, i don't use it as often as before when i used to hang out with some foreign friends, but i'm planning on improving my vocabulary and optimize my speaking/listening too
06/08/2022 00h13
I think I have a good english and I wish to go to USA someday
06/08/2022 02h41
Entendo mas não escrevo, eis a questão.
O que leva um homem casado a mexer com sua secretária?
Sai do site, passou dois minutos e entrei automaticamente... Estou viciada?